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NVC Lighting Technology Corporation

Leading lighting manufacturer in China, offers a broad range of products for residential, commercial, industrial, out...

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    NVC Industrial Park, Ruhu, Huizhou, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
NVC Lighting is the largest lighting manufacturer in China with products designed for residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor and other infrastructure lighting applications. The company was founded at the end of 1998 with the ambition to become a world-class brand and a global industry influencer. As a recognized leader in the lighting industry, NVC has been well positioned to capture growth opportunities for its massive production capacities, extensive engineering expertise, outstanding innovation and design capabilities, unrivaled distribution strength and solid brand credibility.  NVC reported RMB 8 billion gross revenue in 2016, ranking first in the industry in China, ahead of Opple, Leedarson, Yankon and Tospo.

One of NVC's core competitive advantages is its substantial manufacturing capacity, supported by well implemented manufacturing systems. The company started selling OEM and ODM products to Europe in the early 2000s. Since 2006, the company has sold its lighting in the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Now NVC is the largest lighting manufacturer in China with factories in Huizhou (Guangdong), Wanzhou (Chongqing), Jiangshan (Zhejiang) and Qingpu (Shanghai), and also has an assembly factory in UK. NVC's manufacturing facilities are all vertically integrated to produce all major bulb and fixture components, which ensure seamless reliability and availability across all product lines and provide the flexibility to manufacture any large scale standard, custom, or modified order with complete control of the process from development to distribution.

Over the years, NVC's commitment to product innovation and sustainable technology has consistently been recognized by satisfied customers worldwide. NVC's products have been used in a wide array of projects, including stadiums, gymnasiums and velodromes, airports, street lighting, department stores and supermarkets, hotels, office blocks and domestic homes. NVC has won recognition for its achievements from its customers and from wider society. In particular, NVC has forged partnerships with the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), the Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, the Olympic Committee of Macao and with the Olympic Committee of Chinese Taipei. NVC takes great pride in having played such an active part in major events such as the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games , 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup and 2015 Milano World Expo in Italy.

NVC Lighting places a particular importance to technology, and pushes ahead with a steady flow of product innovations which enrich people's lives. With sustained investment over more than 10 years, NVC has established a product development infrastructure that has come to be a driving force behind the growth of the business. NVC has 4 R&D centers in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong in China, and in Birmingham, U.K., drawing on the expertise of universities in Tsinghua and Fudan, plus the Northwestern Poly technical University and other colleges and institutions with particular skills in our field.

NVC was the first company in the lighting industry to establish brand-specific specialist lighting outlets, supported by regional operating centers, and this strategy has been a revolutionary development for the industry and a key factor in NVC's success. Since 2006 NVC has attracted investment from major institutions such as Softbank and Goldman Sachs, leading the way in the capitalization of China's lighting industry. In May 2010 NVC was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange which helps to ensure the company has a strong capital support to withstand global economic upheavals and poised for overseas expansion.

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